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A lag when downloading multiple short (<50 MB) videos one at a time on Linux platform


(Core :: Performance, defect)

Firefox 102





(Reporter: swiniastwo, Unassigned, NeedInfo)


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download your favorite Linux distro and Firefox (I use Ubuntu 22.04 with latest GNOME desktop and the latest version of Firefox - 102)
  2. Find some (preferably more than 50) short (<50 MB) videos which you can download straight from browser
  3. Download them (one at a time):
  • Click right mouse button
  • Click Save Video As button
  • Save a video on your disk, if you're not breaking any law (DMCA, ACTA)

Actual results:

Downloading those videos should result (after downloading at least 20-30, may be dependent on your RAM?) with your browser becoming more laggy while downloading these videos (when the file is being stored at your disk). It's possible that's a memory leak. Downloading time is normal, but time to open a "Save File" system prompt is getting longer and lag is also taking more time. After around 50 downloaded videos it's almost impossible to use a Firefox.
Also, you can't open "Downloads" button in right top of the browser while this lag happens.

Expected results:

No lag when downloading a video (exactly like in the first few videos).

Summary: A ag when downloading multiple short (<50 MB) videos one at a time on Linux platform → A lag when downloading multiple short (<50 MB) videos one at a time on Linux platform

The Ubuntu's file saving prompt is working fine, that's why I assume it's Firefox bug.

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I'm not able to reproduce your issue using Firefox Snap 104.0 on Ubuntu 22.04: the "Save as" prompt appears instantly for each downloaded video no matter how many videos were downloaded previously to this.
Could you please let us know if you are still experiencing this issue on your side? Thanks.

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