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Consider introducing a new WebExtensions waitUntil API method


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As part of investigating improvements and tweaks to the event page lifetime policy (Bug 1748534 and Bug 1771203) we are considering introducing a new API method modeled after the ExtendableEvent's waitUntil method exposed in the web content service worker (and used for the DOM events that are able to spawn an active service worker, e.g. ExtendableMessageEvent, FetchEvent, PushEvent and NotificationEvent.

The new method is meant to allow the extension to explicitly signal to the UserAgent that some asynchronous work have been started in response to a WebExtensions API event which may still be in progress and may require extending the lifetime of the background extension content to allow that work to complete.

Depends on: 1785294

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WIP: Bug 1781265 - Reset idle on API event listeners with a pending queryRunListener promise.

Revision D153525 was moved to bug 1785294. Setting attachment 9288185 [details] to obsolete.

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Subsequent to 2022-12-08 meeting notes and the mention of this bug, please also consider the ideas in Proposal: Complete privileged page process even after closing to delay popup automatic closure

The subject can be further expanded if deemed useful as part of this bug.

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