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Intermittent browser/components/extensions/test/browser/browser_ext_getViews.js | single tracking bug


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(firefox105 fixed)

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firefox105 --- fixed


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(Keywords: intermittent-failure, intermittent-testcase)


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Additional information about this bug failures and frequency patterns can be found by running: ./mach test-info failure-report --bug 1781512

Moving the needinfo previously assigned to me on Bug 1780364.

I'll look into this intermittent (and in particular how the addition from Bug 1780008 may be triggering an higher intermittency).

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I've finally got a push to try that looks pretty good (only unrelated pre-existing intermittents).

The patch attached in comment 4 prevents the intermittent failures triggered by the new test case added from Bug 178008 by replacing EventUtils.synthesizeMouseAtCenter (which was the part that was meant to trigger the outcome that the waitForCondition that was failing was expecting to be matching the checked conditions) with dispatching the MouseEvent "mouseover" instance directly (which instead seems to be triggering the expected outcome consistently also in macos shippable builds, where this test was failing more often).

In a previous attempt I tried also to keep EventUtils.synthesizeMouseAtCenter but to call it after awaiting for the chrome window document to have been flushed, in case the synthesized mouse event was not triggering the expected widget node because of a race related to that, but that didn't help and the related push to try was still able to trigger the timeout often enough in macos shippable builds.

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there was a bug in browser-chrome where mouse moves would remain across browser restarts. This was recently fixed in bug 1779985. Not really related to the fix, but it could help or change the results slightly

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Fix browser_ext_getViews.js test_getViews_excludes_blocked_parsing_documents intermittent. r=mixedpuppy
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