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Replace the use of nsIDroppedLinkHandler.dropLink with nsIDroppedLinkHandler.dropLinks


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In bug 1782122, we would like to get rid of nsIDroppedLinkHandler.dropLink,, as Firefox doesn't use it anymore. But I realized SeaMoney still uses it in some places, I think SeaMoney could just move to use nsIDroppedLinkHandler.dropLinks, the implementation of dropLink() is just wrapping the result of dropLinks(),

I am not sure what is the better way to handle this, do we need to wait for SeaMoney remove the usage first, or it is okay to remove the API without SeaMoney changes? Hi Ian, I am not sure if you are the right person to ni, if not, would you mind forwarding to the right person? Thanks!

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Thanks for the alert. You can remove it. We keep SeaMonkey building in comm-central but still play catch up whhere the final result will not happen soon. Releases are done using backports from a stable branch.

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Thanks for the reply!

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See Also: → 1782122
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