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Quick Actions elements are displayed for non-general search engines shortcuts


(Firefox :: Address Bar, defect)

Firefox 105



105 Branch
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(Reporter: phorea, Assigned: daleharvey)


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  • The entire set of Quick Action buttons should only be displayed for Actions search shortcut

Found in

  • 105.0a1 2022-08-07

Affected versions

  • latest Nightly 105.0a1 2022-08-07

Affected platforms

  • Win 10 64-bit

Steps to reproduce

  1. Focus address bar and select any non-general search engine icon (Wikipedia, eBay, Amazon) from This time search with section
  2. Search shortcut mode opens for the selected engine
  3. Clear the address bar then type @ama and select the result ("Search with") with mouse click or by pressing Right Arrow after @amazon autofill
  4. While Amazon search mode is opened, type Inspector or any other keyword that would activate Quick Action items

Expected result

  • Quick Action items are not displayed for non-general search engines

Actual result

  • Quick Action items are shown for Amazon, eBay and Wikipedia search shortcuts

Regression range

  • Not a regression, I also reproduced on older Nightly where QuickActions were pref'd off
No longer blocks: 1778132
Attached image open search engine

This is also reproducible with Open Search Engines.

Assignee: nobody → dharvey
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Dont show QuickActions in other search modes. r=adw
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → 105 Branch

Verified as fixed with 105.0b1 and 106.0a1 (2022-08-23) on Windows 10, Mac 11 and Ubuntu 22:

  • 0 prefix (empty search mode) does not display any quick actions (excluding actions search mode)
  • keyword search mode does not display the quick action (excluding actions search mode)

Dale, I just want to confirm that we did the right thing here and it's actually desired not to show quickactions in search modes.

AIUI and pro the current approach, it's more likely to use the keyword + address bar which defaults default search engine to get to a quick action, but unlikely to want a quickaction when I'm entering a search mode, the extra click pointing that I'd like a search result.

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Yes the only search mode we want to show actions in is the actions search mode, the user has indicated they want results from that particular provider so its confusing to have them, if the user wants quickactions then they dont go in to the mode so I dont think we lose anything not having them displayed

Flags: needinfo?(dharvey)
No longer blocks: 1838617
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