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Host compiler flags are not passed to host compiles triggered by rust build scripts when cross-compiling


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While here, square off the situation wrt compiler flags:

  • target compiler flags used to be set conditionally but have been made
    unconditional in bug 1409276, while leaving a hack around that adds
    them under some conditions for host directories. We remove the hack
    but keep the corresponding comment that is still relevant and should
    be taken into account if target compiler flags are made conditional
    later on.
  • host compiler flags were excluded for host rust libraries, but that
    was an oversight of bug 1409276, which should have applied the same
    logic for host compilations.
  • host compiler flags are actually potentially necessary for target rust
    compilations because rust build scripts may build host C/C++ code
    (that's the case for GLSL). We have no idea when that may happen, so
    we always propagate them. config/makefiles/ then further
    propagates the flags to cargo, but they have to be set in the backend
    in the first place for that to happen.
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Set host compiler flags in directories with rust code. r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,andi
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