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Update <details>/<summary> to use "content-visibility:hidden" for hiding


(Core :: Layout, defect)





(Reporter: dholbert, Unassigned)


(Blocks 2 open bugs)


The html spec on the <details> and <summary> elements changed a bit last year, in , this commit in particular:

We have bug 1724299 filed on updates to the find backend in response to this change; but there's some prerequisite work that needs to happen in the rendering implementation, I think. has some notes on specific steps that Chromium took to implement the spec-change. One main change in particular is that the spec now requires that the hidden slot should be hidden (when "collapsed") via content-visibility:hidden rather than via display:none. The spec specifically requires that now.

(There's also a bit more magic that needs to happen in order for the hidden content to also be findable via find-in-page, too (see more notes in that pull-request comment), since content-visibility:hidden is not-findable by default. Not sure if that makes sense to handle here vs. in bug 1724299 vs. elsewhere; we can sort that out when someone starts working on this.)

Severity: -- → S3
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