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Remove the initial XPIProvider-based implementation of the Site Permissions addon type


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Along with the ongoing work for the new implementation based on a separate AddonManager Provider meant to only manage the Site Permissions addon type (Bug 1778959) we need to prepare to remove the initial XPIProvider based one (introduced by Bug 1737163).

As a side note to keep in mind while we are planning the removal:

  • The XPIProvider-based implementation recognize an xpi as add-on type "sitepermission" based on the presence of the top level manifest key "site_permissions" otherwise fallback to "extensions" (see ExtensionData initializeAddonTypeAndID method)

  • The ExtensionBlocklistMLBF defined in Blocklist.jsm determines which addon type should be checked by the addon blocklist based on the types exported by the XPIProvider (see kXPIAddonType lazy getter defined in Blocklist.jsm here), if the new implementation lands before we have removed the XPIProvider implementation this may be a part that we may split off into its own separate bugzilla issue and cover it in the same release where the new implementation is landing

Whiteboard: [addons-jira]
Depends on: 1790621
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Component: General → Add-ons Manager
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Product: WebExtensions → Toolkit
Blocks: 1790621
No longer depends on: 1790621
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Rename XPIProvider-based sitepermission addon type to sitepermission-deprecated. r=willdurand
Blocks: 1795128

Removing this issue from Bug 1790621 blockers:

  • The part of this issue that was blocking for Bug 1790621 (renaming the addon type associated to the deprecated XPIProvider-based implementation) has been landed in Nightly 107
  • the rest of the deprecated implementation removal can be done as a separate followup and doesn't need to block Bug 1790621.
No longer blocks: 1790621
Regressions: 1796613

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