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17 years ago
Will Fax in the form tommorow (Friday)

tor, biesi: any recommendations on who to ask for SRs?

I've been digging around in Mozilla for the past 7 months.  I'm almost always on
#mozilla, and have always been on when I've had something being checked-in so I
can watch the tree.

Here's some of the bugs I've worked on.
Bug 85595 Transparent animated GIFs have white background
          r=pavlov sr=tor

Bug 77497 imgContainer needs to have a GIF specific version
          r=pavlov,biesi sr=tor

Bug 147938 Don't Invalidate nsImageFrame area if it's hidden
           r=dbaron sr=waterson
Bug 148634 Combine imgContainerGIF::ZeroMaskArea & OneMaskArea
           r=biesi, sr=tor
Bug 152756 Add & implement imgIContainer::ResetAnimation
           r=pavlov sr=tor

Bug 161896 after page finished loading browser crashes [@ gif_clear_screen]
           r=biesi sr=tor

Bug 132319 Browser crashes when machine is low on memory M1RC2 
           [@ imgContainer::FillWithColor]
           r=pavlov sr=tor

Bug 37589 Strange dots next to Slashdot news headers
           r=biesi sr=tor
Bug 143333 Transparent Animated GIF rendered laced with garbage pixels
           r=pavlov sr=tor

Bug 87819 Transparent GIFs with transparency on all four sides render 
          non-transparent portions against the left and top sides  
          r=pavlov sr=tor

Bug 137128 an animated gif that crashes mozilla
Bug 157989 Possible heap corruption with 0-width GIF
           r=pavlov sr=tor

Bug 101018 very large images do not draw
           r=pavlov sr=tor
Bug 166007 Fix formatting in GIF2.cpp
           Not reviewed yet

There are others, but I figure 2 line patches are pretty meaningless for assesments.

Also, I've done Reviews for:
Bug 108271 Support RLE compression and bitfields for the BMP Decoder
Bug 151983 ASSERTION: imgLoader::LoadImage -- NULL URI pointer: 'aURI'
Bug 150002 Support XBM transparency
Bug 166379 Image crashes on repaint [@ nsImageWin::DrawComposited24] N700, M1BR
Bug 171170 bmp & ico decoder assume 1-based mCurLine

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17 years ago
I'll be the voucher for paper.

as for sr... hm... only one of your patches was not super-reviewed by tor, and
waterson no longer works at mozilla (afaik).

Maybe try bz (because he's a nice guy :) ) and brendan or scc (who are listed at for such cases)

cc'ing bz brendan and scc.
I was wondering whether I needed to nudge you to do this... ;)

sr=bzbarsky.  Arron's doing a major share of the active libpr0n bugfixing and
what I've seen of his work (I saw some of those patches before; just looked
through a few more) is quite good.
Form Received. looks like two SRs have given their approval, you will still need
one more. 
account activated. 
Last Resolved: 17 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

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17 years ago
-> Verified

Did my first check-in today :)
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