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[Linux + KDE Plasma] Menu bar closes when I click on any menu while the mouse pointer is touching the screen edge


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Firefox 104





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Steps to reproduce:

  1. use a linux distribution with KDE Plasma desktop environment
  2. run Firefox
  3. activate the menu bar by pressing alt key
  4. hover over any menu and make sure the mouse pointer is touching the screen edge
  5. click

Actual results:

menu bar closes

This bug was already reported on KDE bug tracker:

In the comment 3, KDE developer Nate Graham wrote:

As far as I can tell, this is a Firefox bug. With CSD mode and the menubar shown, the menu items don't actually touch the top-most pixel of the screen. So when you click that top-most pixel, you're clicking in an empty area of the menu toolbar, so it hides the menu toolbar--just like when you click in any other empty part of the menu toolbar.

Expected results:

clicked menu opens

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Do you still see it?

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The bug persists with Firefox 114 on Arch Linux running the Wayland session of KDE Plasma 5.27.5.

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