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App links performs packageManager query on main thread on every page load


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Performance Impact ?


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(Keywords: perf:pageload, top50)

Last we checked in January, this takes 8-30ms on every page load on the Moto G5 (via

NI self to set a performance priority or add to triage once the Performance Impact flag is added to the product (bug 1793646).

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Platforms: Android
Page load impact: Some
Websites affected: Major
[x] Bug affects multiple sites

Note: I ran the calculator by myself, outside of triage. My intuition says "Performance impact: High" seems excessive so I'll leave this in the triage queue.

Next steps

Some suggested next steps, since we filed this so long ago:

  • Verify the delay still occurs and verify how long it takes
  • See if the delay decreases over time, i.e. is it only slow for the first page load or is it slow for all of them? We'd expect the Android system to JIT common code so this step checks if it does. Perhaps this isn't as high of a priority if it's only slow once though we should always consider addressing anything that slows down pageload.
  • If we still consider it to be high priority, address it.
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