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Links on Release Notes page opened as TB tab don't work


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Thunderbird 102


(thunderbird_esr102+ fixed)

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Steps to reproduce:

Open Release Notes via "Help > About Thunderbird", Release Notes. Release Notes are displayed in TB tab. Now click on any link on the page (except Changes, Bug Fixes, All Releases).

Actual results:

Page goes blank, link isn't opened.

Expected results:

In 91, the page was shown in TB, but it would possibly be OK to launch it in the external browser.

Blocks: tb102found
Keywords: regression

Semi-confirmed with Thunderbird 102.3.2.

It looks like it's links that are not hosted on that are problematic.

Broken links include:

  • "Tell us what you think" is on
  • "file a bug in Bugzilla" is on bugzilla.m.o.
  • donate button (
  • "Blog" (,879-880 - sounds like single-site is used. I would argue this should just always open in the external browser.

Yeah, we should just open it in the external browser. It's not doing us any favors to open it in Thunderbird when somebody might want to click on other links leading to who knows what URLs and domains.

Opening in a mailtab caused problems with links on the release notes page going
to hosts other than due to "single-site" being used. Notably,
the "Donate" button didn't work.

Assignee: nobody → rob
Ever confirmed: true

Changing the "label" xul element over to an "html:a" with a click handler will open the notes in a browser. The openLink() function is used elsewhere in the About page. The "href" attribute for the link element was already being added when it was a "xul:label", and continues to do so.

Testing with a Daily build won't work... there's no release notes to link to, so the link stays hidden. The next merge to beta is Oct 17, verification can happen then. For review purposes, this try build should work: (106.0b5 + this patch).

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Open "Release Notes" link in web browser rather than a mailtab. r=mkmelin

Closed: 2 years ago
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Whiteboard: [TM:102.13.+]

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Bug 1794180 - Open "Release Notes" link in web browser rather than a mailtab. r=#thunderbird-reviewers

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Approved for 102.13.0 as discussed in #thunderbird-drivers to prevent potential donation issues.

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