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Mouse movements not recognized in FF 104, Linux, wayland.


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Firefox 104





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User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:104.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/104.0

Steps to reproduce:

Create and use a new profile for testing:
mkdir /tmp/ff
firefox -profile /tmp/ff

Open any website that uses mouse move events,
Move the mouse, hover over links, input fields on the page, or over FF's own address or search bar, tab close buttons etc. Highlight text.

This is on an up-to-date Arch Linux system, wayland, GNOME 42.4.

Actual results:

No interaction with the mouse cursor in the absence of click events. On the example page given above (foolishdeveloper), the eyes don't follow the mouse cursor. Only if I click, the eyes look into the direction of the mouse cursor (and stay in position when I move the mouse).
Similar behavior on other websites (eg in trello, I can't drag cards).

The mouse cursor does not change when hovering over input fields, links etc until I click. It doesn't change back when I move the mouse away from the input field until I click again. Nothing is selected when I click on text and move the mouse until I let go of the mouse button.

All of these things work without a problem in other applications including Chromium.

Expected results:

UIs should respond to click events. On the example page given above (foolishdeveloper), the eyes should follow the mouse pointer, in trello, the cards should move when dragged. Hovering over an input field, a link, or a button, the mouse cursor should change.

In this fiddle:
the mouse position indicator is not updated until I click somewhere.

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Product: Firefox → Core
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