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15 years ago

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15 years ago
Grr, with some content this time

$ff = "CONCAT($flagtypes.name, $flags.status)";

we should instead be able to split the last entry from the string, check that
its +/-/?, and then match separately. Thats got to be faster, since we can then
use an index. This may be hard in general (ie substring), but we can at least
simply equals/notequals/anyexact/etc, which would be by far the most cmmon type
of search, I'd guess.

Alternately, we could split up the flag stuff, requiring two entries in teh
boolean chart field - one for the name, the other for the status. ISTR we
discussed that before, and rejected it, though.

Comment 2

15 years ago
Actually, as bz pointed out, theres no easy way to find all outstanding requests
- you have to use each name individually. OK, you can use anyexact now that it
appears in the UI (in cvs only, not yet on bmo), but still.

why don't we spearate status from type? The only thing I can think of is that
searching for 'review+' AND 'super-review?' becomes impossible, because theres
no way to tie the status to a flag, not an attachment (or even bug). Hmm....
I think your first solution is the better one.  We should check the last
character of the string, and if it's +, -, or ? we do search for that in the
statuses and a search for the rest of the string in the flags.
Blocks: 171553

Comment 4

15 years ago
OK, then we can add two new options, for 'flag status' and 'flag name', and use
the 'flag' query as a simpler option which is internally split up into the other

We should also error out if the status isn't +/-/?

The main reason for splitting it up is for bug 179489 - since we will need
separate options, it probably makes sense to define the one in terms of the
other, to save code.


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