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plarena.h and plarena,c (was: NSPR) should be tri-licensed...


(NSPR :: NSPR, defect)

Not set


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(Reporter: hyatt, Assigned: wtc)



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... so that it can be used under the LGPL as well as the GPL and MPL.
cc'ing dmose, who i believe did the last license update (to the dual license)
years ago... 
Actually, Gerv did the most recent update and has a better handle on the current
licensing status than I.  Adding him.
Hardware: Macintosh → All
The current licensing status in general is that we are waiting for a reply from
one more major contributor, and then are going to do the remaining licensing in
one go. However, if there's a customer need to relicense some particular code
earlier, I don't mind doing the legwork to find out if it's possible.

What's the need here?

I specifically need plarena.h and .c tri-licensed.  Could we perhaps proceed 
with only those two files, contacting the authors that have made changes?
I have done licensing checks on the following files:

As far as I can tell, everyone who has contributed to those three files is in
the 99.x% of contributors who have already given relicensing permissions, or
their company/employer has given it for them. Therefore, to the best of my
knowledge, they may be tri-licensed.

wtc, if you don't mind, I'll change the plarena.[ch] license headers.  Cc'ing
leaf to see whether he minds my branching revision 3.5 of plarena.h and checking
in the license change on the client branch of plarena.[ch], as well.

Cc'ing mitchell in case she thinks it's a bad idea to make two of the NSPR
sources tri-licensed while leaving the rest dual-licensed.

This should be fine.  Could you attach a patch?  Thanks.
Changed the license blocks to comply with (as desired)
Didn't this get done, then?


Tim: do you have checkin privs?

I do not have checkin privileges.
wan-teh: can you check this in? I don't have sufficient privileges.

Patch checked into the NSPR trunk (NSPR 4.5) and
NSPRPUB_PRE_4_2_CLIENT_BRANCH (Mozilla 1.6 alpha).

Updated the bug's summary to reflect that actually
got tri-licensed.

Note: although the patch was committed today, the
permissions to use plarena.h and plarena.c under LGPL
were given on 2002-12-08 and 2002-12-09 (comment 5,
comment 6, comment 7).
Closed: 18 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Summary: NSPR should be tri-licensed... → plarena.h and plarena,c (was: NSPR) should be tri-licensed...
Target Milestone: --- → 4.5
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