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Provide "contentChanged" C++ callback for setlike/maplike


(Core :: DOM: Bindings (WebIDL), enhancement)





(Reporter: jjaschke, Unassigned)


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For proper implementation of the WebIDL interface for the custom highlight API (Bug 1703961) a callback is needed that executes when elements are added to or removed from the setlike/maplike.

This callback is especially helpful in combination with adding functions for iterating over the setlike/maplike contents from C++ (Bug 1799890).

FWIW it'd probably be even better to just fix maplike/setlike to not require the JS set object (bug 1311198). I posted a WIP patch there that I was working on but never got around to finish.

See Also: → 1311198

Edgar, what is your opinion on this?

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Add contentChange callback should be trivial, we could hook add() and remove() in binding code. But for helper for iterating might be a bit tricky (I commented in Bug 1799890).

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