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explain workaround for missing security.csp.enable pref


(Core :: DOM: Security, defect)






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Details switches off the stackoverflow solution for a question that has 117 k views with out offering a similar simple solution developers.

I do not think security is increased by making things more complicated and offering a decent hiding of complexity like the old pref solution did.

not offering ... would have been the correct statement but it looks like this bug tracke doesn't let you edit comments. points to Modheader which displays a message that you need to "upgrade to pro". I'd rather have the pre Firefox 99 functionaliy back and configure different browser settting than have to install an extension i have to pay for. It would be great if there would be a simple firefox built in functionality again.

Hi Wolfgang,
please do not file new bugs for something that already has a bug - in this case
We have laid out our reasons in that other bugs quite clearly. I'm happy to re-assess this in light of new arguments.

Closed: 2 years ago
Duplicate of bug: 1754301
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE

@freddy This is not the same bug. It's a followup issue. If the decision has been made there is a need as explained here which does not necessarily mean going back to the old state of affairs. Just a simple solution is IMHO needed - if the old solutions is that simple solution i am fine but i'd also accept any other viable approach.

I'm afraid you misunderstand. The other bug already has those suggestions in comment 10. It's not great use of any of our time to open new bugs for existing discussions.

The reason for this new bug is exactly that comment with the following up comment 11 which does not lead to a simple problem solution. This bug is about the need for improved simplicity as a followup problem of removing the simplicity for other reasons. I want the simplicity back not necessary the old solution. This bug is a about a problem/need not about a solution discussion as the other bug was.

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