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Linux: gtk3 3.24.35 breaks mouse cursor in Firefox (and Thunderbird): Fixed in gtk3 3.24.36


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Steps to reproduce:

I run Fedora 37 KDE (Wayland) and ran a system update today, which upgraded gtk3 from 3.24.34 to 3.24.35. Firefox is also running with MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1.

Actual results:

Once gtk3 was upgraded to 3.24.35, the mouse cursor behavior in Firefox broke. It would only display the default mouse cursor instead of i.e changing to the link (hand) selector when hovering over a link, changing to the appropriate icon when adjusting the size of the window or even to the text selector when highlighting text or clicking in a text box. At some point, the mouse cursor disappeared entirely while in the Firefox window.

Once I reverted back to 3.24.34, the mouse cursor behaves properly.

Expected results:

The upgrade from gtk3 3.24.34 to 3.24.35 should not break the mouse cursor. I'm not sure if the issue is on Firefox or the gtk3 lib developers but I thought to bring it to your attention.

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I also created a report on the gtk gitlab tracker for cross-reference purposes:

Duplicate of this bug: 1803203
No longer duplicate of this bug: 1803203

I can confirm downgrading GTK3 to version 3.24.34 fixes the issue temporarily.

Duplicate of this bug: 1803764

I can confirm that this bug exists on my Fedora 37 install with that version of gtk3

(I described this bug here before knowing about this bug report existing, so I marked it as duplicate)

Updating to gtk3 3.24.36 fixes the issue

I can also confirm that the issue is resolved with v3.24.36. Cheers!

  • Wayland:
    • Fix problems with X<>Wayland DND
    • Revert cursor changes from 3.24.35
    • Fix handling of surrounding text in input

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Summary: Linux: gtk3 3.24.35 breaks mouse cursor in Firefox (and Thunderbird) → Linux: gtk3 3.24.35 breaks mouse cursor in Firefox (and Thunderbird): Fixed in gtk3 3.24.36
Duplicate of this bug: 1803203
Duplicate of this bug: 1805705
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