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[DNR] Consider changes on the enforced rule limits


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As a followup to Bug 1745763 we want to consider further changes to the rule limits enforced by DNR, e.g.:

  • consider bumps to the max ruleset and max enabled rulesets limits (related to
  • consider bumps to the max number of dynamic rules (related to
  • allowing extensions to exceed the guaranteed minimum static rules count (which in chrome is allowed up until a global maximum number of static rules count is reached, we want to consider doing the same but also other alternative approaches, as long as the extension will still be able to use getAvailableRulesCount to figure out how much more enabled rules are allowed to the particular extension)
Whiteboard: [addons-jira] → [addons-jira][wecg]
See Also: → 1745764

We discussed rule limits in the WECG today. Chrome needs to follow up internally, but Safari and we did not object to raising limits:

  • static rules to 100 (was 50)
  • enabled static rules to 20 (was 10).
  • dynamic rule limit to 30k (was 5k).

Additionally, I also asked about separating the quotas of session and dynamic rules. Safari is in favor, and Google needs internal follow-up again. See

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See Also: → 1821033
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