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[Meta] Import Bookmarks Follow-up Experiments


(Firefox :: Messaging System, task, P1)





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(Keywords: meta)

"To increase QCDOU, the Firefox Velocity Team has experimented with various Emotive Onboarding experiences targeted towards infrequent, casual, and regular Firefox users. We ran a previous experiment which targeted Infrequent Firefox Users (0-6 Days of Use) with the call to action of Importing Bookmarks from a different browser. We saw an increase in Days Of Use in the experiment and are in the process of running another experiment and rollout it out in Fx107."

We'll follow up with experiments focused on variations in copy, graphics, and/or segmentation to build on this win.

Jira Ticket for copy optimization
Jira Ticket for image optimization

Depends on: 1804083
Depends on: 1804084
Priority: -- → P1
Blocks: bugzy-epic
Depends on: 1812443
Depends on: 1813681
Depends on: 1819704
No longer blocks: bugzy-epic
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