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[US] The autofill dropdown is not displayed and the autofill is not working for the Phone field on


(Toolkit :: Form Autofill, defect, P3)




Tracking Status
firefox-esr102 --- affected
firefox108 --- affected
firefox109 --- affected
firefox110 --- affected


(Reporter: sbadau, Unassigned)


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Found in

  • Firefox 109.0b8

Affected versions

  • Nightly 110.0a1
  • Firefox 109.0b8
  • Firefox 108.0.1
  • Firefox 102.6.0 esr

Tested platforms

  • Affected platforms: Windows 7, Ubuntu 20.04, and macOS 11.7


  • set to US
  • have a complete address already saved in about:preferences#privacy
  • VPN enabled on US

Steps to reproduce

  1. Reach the address form on
  2. Using the autofill feature, select 1 saved address entry.
  3. Click on the Phone field.

Expected result

  • The phone field should be auto-filled and should display an address autofill dropdown when being clicked.

Actual result

  • The phone field is not auto-filled and doesn't show an address autofill dropdown when being clicked.

Regression range
This issue is not a recent regression since it's reproducible also on Firefox 102.6.0 esr, I'll investigate this further when time permits.

Priority: -- → P3
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