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Consider maintaining the blocked dll's on top of the about:third-party list


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Currently, if we:

  1. Block a dll via the about:third-party page.
  2. Restart Firefox.

The blocked dll is going to be displayed as the only dll available (first and only item of the dll list).

If we wait for the "Reload with system info" button to appear and click on it I can notice that a couple of more dll's are added inside the list but the previously blocked dll remains on top of that list (which is fine).

If I then proceed to hit ctrl + o, close the file explorer and refresh the about:third-party page a couple of more dll's are added to the list and the previously blocked dll is moved away from the top of the list.

I think that we might want to consider keeping the blocked dll's as the first items of the about:third-party page dll list so that users can find/spot and interact with the dll's which were manually modified with ease (without having to search for each of them especially if the list is bigger).

This is a good idea, thanks!

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sort blocked DLLs at the top of the list r=Gijs
Closed: 2 months ago
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Target Milestone: --- → 111 Branch

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Bug 1811271 - sort blocked DLLs at the top of the list r=gijs

Beta/Release Uplift Approval Request

  • User impact if declined: DLLs that are blocked will be harder to find in the list on about:third-party, which could be confusing
  • Is this code covered by automated tests?: No
  • Has the fix been verified in Nightly?: No
  • Needs manual test from QE?: Yes
  • If yes, steps to reproduce: (see steps to reproduce in bug)
  • List of other uplifts needed: None
  • Risk to taking this patch: Low
  • Why is the change risky/not risky? (and alternatives if risky): simply changing the sort order (and adding a test).

Note that there was some weirdness with the patch applying weirdly because of other changes to the file (that will not be uplifted) - I wasn't sure why there was a conflict in the first place, but let me know if this happens and I'll move the patch onto the Beta branch.

  • String changes made/needed: no
  • Is Android affected?: No
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Flags: qe-verify+
QA Whiteboard: [qa-triaged]

This is verified fixed using Firefox 111.0a1 (BuildId:20230125215201) on Windows 10, 11 & 7.

The previously blocked dll's are maintained on top of the about:third-party dll list while using "normal browsing mode".

Also verified that the previously blocked dll's are on top of the dll list when running Firefox in Troubleshoot mode or with the --disableDynamicBlocklist argument applied.

Comment on attachment 9313107 [details]
Bug 1811271 - sort blocked DLLs at the top of the list r=gijs

Approved for 110 beta 6, thanks.

Attachment #9313107 - Flags: approval-mozilla-beta? → approval-mozilla-beta+

This is verified fixed using Firefox 110.0b7 (BuildId:20230129190147) on Windows 11, 10 & 7.

Flags: qe-verify+
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