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When switching the system language, some items doesn't get translated without a restart


(Fenix :: Experimentation and Telemetry, defect)

Firefox 113


(firefox111 affected, firefox112 affected, firefox113 affected)

Tracking Status
firefox111 --- affected
firefox112 --- affected
firefox113 --- affected


(Reporter: csadilek, Unassigned, NeedInfo)


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From github:

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Fenix
  2. Change the system's language to another (which is fully localized, I used Romanian and French and back to English).
  3. Go back to Fenix.
  4. Check the default browser banner button, on the homepage - the "Set as default browser" button
  5. Open the main menu. Check the Settings button.
  6. Open Settings, and check the sub-title of the Tabs menu.
  7. Restart the browser. Check those items again.

Expected behaviour

Everything should be translated without restarting the app.

Actual behaviour

Everything seems to be translated, except these items which appear translated after an app restart.

Device name

No response

Android version

Android 9

Firefox release type

Firefox Nightly, Beta and Release

Firefox version

106, 105.b5, 104.1.0

Device logs

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Additional information

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This is also reproducible in latest Firefox versions (Nightly 113.0a1 from 03/17, Beta 112.0b3 and RC 111.0) with Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 (Android 11).

Severity: -- → S3
Version: unspecified → Firefox 113
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