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[Experiment] Configure and Launch Import Bookmarks Experiment: Existing User Image Optimization


(Firefox :: Messaging System, task, P1)

Firefox 109



111.2 - Jan 30 - Feb 10


(Reporter: mviar, Assigned: mviar)


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1804083 +++

"To increase QCDOU, the Firefox Velocity Team has experimented with various Emotive Onboarding experiences targeted towards infrequent, casual, and regular Firefox users. We ran a previous experiment which targeted Infrequent Firefox Users (0-6 Days of Use) with the call to action of Importing Bookmarks from a different browser. We saw an increase in Days Of Use in the experiment and are in the process of running another experiment and rollout it out in Fx107."

This specific follow-up experiment explores new image assets paired with the original copy for existing users. We'll likely want to use the import-spotlights message group to ensure these messages don't show within 56 days of another import bookmarks spotlight.

This is our first localized desktop experiment without pre-landed strings. Because Desktop experimentation is currently limited to one message per branch, we'll need to launch a separate experiment for each locale with the appropriate translated copy. We'll want to keep notes on the process to inform future iterations of localized experiments.

OMC Jira Ticket
Experiment Jira Ticket

See Also: → 1804083
Summary: [Experiment] Configure and Launch Import Bookmarks Experiment: Image Optimization and Segmentation → [Experiment] Configure and Launch Import Bookmarks Experiment: Existing User Image Optimization
Iteration: 111.1 - Jan 16 - Jan 27 → 111.2 - Jan 30 - Feb 10
Depends on: 1814984

EN Experiment draft can be reviewed here. We are still waiting on sizing data. Once that is available, the EN experiment will be cloned for the FR and DE variations.

No longer depends on: 1814984

Experiment has launched and enrollment is underway. DE and FR versions of the experiment were canceled by product.

Closed: 1 year ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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