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firefox consuming a lot of ram


(Core :: Performance, defect)

Firefox 109



Performance Impact medium


(Reporter: urielakira, Unassigned, NeedInfo)


(Keywords: perf:resource-use, perf:responsiveness)


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Steps to reproduce:

try to browser a page

Actual results:

firefox hangs and my mac mini m1 stops reponding, changing desktop i'm able to open the force quit and when i do so, a message saying that my system is out of memory (firefox using 33gb of ram on a 16gb computer)

Expected results:

I should be able to open the website

The Bugbug bot thinks this bug should belong to the 'Core::Performance' component, and is moving the bug to that component. Please correct in case you think the bot is wrong.

Component: Untriaged → Performance
Product: Firefox → Core
Performance Impact: --- → medium

Hey reporter, it's not clear to us how you get the problem.
Can you please explain if this happens at the first page or after a long time of browsing?
Also we don't see anything suspicious on the about:memory dump that you shared.

Therefore, could you make sure the following information is on this bug?

If the problem happens only after some time, you can try to get a profile or about:memory dump before firefox hangs completely.

Thank you.

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