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Make use counter data available locally


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Dump the use counter data of a run to stderr behind a pref or something around those lines, so that it's possible to collect use counter data locally. The idea is to make it possible to get Firefox use counter data into httparchive, which should help with web compat analysis.

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Should the counters be associated with an individual top level page or document, or just aggregate for the entire process lifetime? I had previously discussed something similar with Smaug who pointed me at and as relevant places that would need tweaking to do something like this outside of Telemetry.

Also it'd be worth understanding a bit better how webpagetest currently extracts chrome feature usage - both the semantics of things like Comment 1 and logistically what kind of file / format it's exporting to, to make sure it'd be reasonable to ingest and expose for something like http archive. On the latter point my suspicion is that it's part of a larger trace file processed here

Ok, so this is not just the UI about:telemetry#histograms-tab_search=use_counter2
but actually get the data dumped somewhere.

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The idea is that dumping the counter with the url all the time prevents
(or at least mitigates) races between different process.

This should allow to get the counters from local builds in a
semi-structured / easy to filter-and-parse way.

Simon, lmk if the format in comment 4 works for you?

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Dump use counters with dom.use_counters.dump.{document,worker,page}. r=smaug,zcorpan
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