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enable "Move to Folder" UI in junk mail dialog


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Turn on the UI that allows users to have their junk mail automagically moved to
a folder.
Depends on: 181397
Now, I've heard that there is some work that needs to be done to make this
happen ... but, the TURNING it on part is done in
--document.getElementById("moveOnSpam").disabled = false;-- from
junkmail.js correct?

The only problems that I've heard of are the moving of Junk Mail to a
non-existent directory.  Any others ??? 
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It may be good to test this out with a pref (not enable the UI) before actually
enabling the UI.
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Is 181397 really the only reason why the UI isn't enabled? If so, couldn't this
be "worked around" for now by simply defaulting to Trash and allowing the user
to specify another folder if desired?

Perhaps this part of the UI could be enabled with a hidden pref until 181397 is
I agree, Joe.  Why can't the default to "TRASH" be enabled ... and we could at
least test out the auto-move functionality ... 

Before turning this on: There's small UI bug few lines below the moveOnSpam
disabled line that causes only one of the junk mail destination radio buttons to
be enabled at a time. Probably easiest to fix this together with enabling.

Current code:
document.getElementById("moveTargetMode0").disabled = !enabled || (choice == 1);
document.getElementById("moveTargetMode1").disabled = !enabled || (choice == 0);

New code:
document.getElementById("moveTargetMode0").disabled = !enabled;
document.getElementById("moveTargetMode1").disabled = !enabled;
Ive altered and tested the junkmail.js changes ... it works fine for me on POP
accounts (creates mail folder "JUNK", not "JUNK MAIL" as expected) ... 

Some improvements:
1)  JUNK folder needs to have its own graphic (not a standard folder)
Sit tight, this is top on my list.  Andrew / Udo, thanks for the testing.  More
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla1.3beta
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This patch enables the disabled Junk UI ("Move to Folder") and fixes the JS bug
that prevents the selection of a folder other than "Junk Mail" (comment #7 from

To apply this patch to an already built Mozilla you need to extract
messages.jar to get at content/messenger/junkMail.js. Once the patch has been
applied, repackage messages.jar (maintain the paths inside), move it back into
place in your Mozilla install, and restart Mozilla.

This /does not/ fix the bug that has caused this feature to be disabled (e.g.
it does not create the "Junk Mail" folder for you). You need to manually create
the folder or specify an already existing folder.
Oops. Small correction to the previous text - "messenger.jar," not "messages.jar."
Does it work for IMAP too? I just heard a rumor that it didn't, but I'd love to
be proven wrong.
for imap, you may have to create the junk folder yourself by hand, since Seth is
still working on the code that creates the folder automatically on demand. but
once the folder is created, the move to folder stuff works fine for imap; I've
been using it for months now.
taking, I'm working on all this.
Assignee: dmose → sspitzer
fixed, checked in with the fix for #181397
Closed: 21 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Is there some documentation available for this?

I manually created the Junk Mail folder, enabled the feature, specified messages
as Junk, run "Run Junk Mail Controls ...", but cannot seem to get any action out
of it (no logging either ...)
ok, so for the checked in version the folder is named just Junk, but still see
no log messages or other activity ...
Works dandy for me on two independent installs.

If the feature is not working for you you should probably file a new defect.
I'm glad to hear that it works for you.

The problem is that it does not work here, and before filing a bug saying

"Does not work for me"

which would be answered by somebody like you saying

"Works here. Closing"

I'm trying to understand what I'm doing wrong and for that I would like to see
some steps/documentation on how to trigger the spam filter.
Manually running 'Run Junk Mail Controls on Select Messages' does not appear to
move messages for me.  However, new incoming mail that is flagged as junk IS
being moved to the Junk folder.

My question is what was the intended behavior of this feature?  Is it supposed
to move messages while manually running the junk filter or not?

So you just set the junk mail flag for certain messages, than delete the
messages (from the Inbox), and you see messages moved into your Junk folder on
the next download new messages?
Yes.  You have to 'train' the filter to recognize spam before you can expect to
see anything auto marked as spam.  I would say (based on my non-scientific
observations) that you need to mark at least 50 to 100 messages as spam to get
the filter to start working.  For me it has consistently gotten better the more
I have used it, and it now catches 95% of the spam I get.

I have only been using the 'auto move to Junk folder' for 4 days now, but it
does work for me.
thx. maybe I did not mark enough messages as spam (yet :). I will keep going ...
>Manually running 'Run Junk Mail Controls on Select Messages' does not appear to
>move messages for me.  However, new incoming mail that is flagged as junk IS
>being moved to the Junk folder.
>My question is what was the intended behavior of this feature?  Is it supposed
>to move messages while manually running the junk filter or not?

that's a bug.  I plan to make it so when you manually run the controls, we move
the messages (assuming you've got it configured to do this.)

this feature is still evolving.  but feel free to log bugs on issues you see in
nightly builds.

scott, the bug for your issue is #180029
I have seen messages being moved to Junk. Thanks for the comments Scott.
This bug is jet another major milestone in Mozilla's evolution! Thank you for
providing us with such an excellent browser to use (ahem, "test"). :-D

PS. RE Comment #26: Could you post the bug number for moving junk mail when
"manually running junk mail controls"?
>> running junk mail controls manually should respect preferences
>> bug #180029
OK using jan15 commercial trunk: win98, mac OS 10.2, linux rh8.0
Generally enabled and functioning. Not all scenarios tested.  Will log issues
found with this portion of the junk mail feature as separate bug reports.
Marking this verified.
After having initial success with this feature, the last 2 mornings I have had
20+ messages marked a junk, but not moved to the junk folder.

When a single message is pulled from the server at a time and marked as junk, it
is successfully moved to the junk folder.  The problem I am seeing only happens
when I check my mail for the first time in the morning, and receive many
messages that are marked as junk, but not auto moved.  I have seen this same
behavior on both the 2003011505 and 2003011605 builds.

Should I re-open this bug, or file a new one.  This bug was tracking 'enable the
feature', should I open a new one to track bugs on the feature itself?
Sorry, just read Laurel's commment #31.  I will open a new bug on this.
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