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mpt sent me a mail the other day, where he said that "as Bugzilla gets harder to
use, people start tracking their bugs in other ways." I have a small text
document giving the URLs of bugs I care about. His remark made me realise how
dumb that was, and I asked myself "Why don't I do that in Bugzilla?"

The answer is "because there's a load of bugs assigned to me that I don't care
about." Why is that? "Because I'm the default component owner for Reporting."

We need a account in b.m.o., to whom I can assign all bugs
that I have no immediate intention of fixing. I am not suggesting it be made the
default owner for my component; if I were to do that, it would need to wait for
component watching in any case.

I could just create such an account, but I wanted to check with everyone else
first to make sure it's OK.

Done.  (justdave)
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In the past we've used the "accepted" status to indicate bugs the assignee is
actively working on.  Is there some reason this wouldn't work for Bugzilla?
(I assume you mean ASSIGNED.)

I think it's true that it's clearer that no-one is working on the bug if it's
assigned to "nobody"; but the other problem is that you can't easily un-ASSIGN a
bug and return it to NEW. This would be necessary, if I were using ASSIGNED to
denote bugs I am actually fixing, when priorities change and I decide not to
work on a bug.

Actually, you can go back to NEW after being ASSIGNED.  Click the button for
"Reassign bug to [       ]" and leave your name in the box.  Assigned_to won't
change, but it'll change the status back to NEW.
Fair enough (although rather obscure :-). Still, I want to try this out and see
where I get. 


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while justdave's technique may be categorized as obscure it's known to some of us :)

i'm verifying that such an account was created not that it was necessarily
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