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Fix content module states when using Extensions in separate process


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When using a separate extension process, changing tabs causes the geckoview.js _updateContentModuleState() to still be called continuously which will eventually crash.

Blocks: 1535365
Severity: -- → S3
Priority: -- → P2
Whiteboard: [addons-jira]

Hey Zac, I have tried to see if the details in comment 0 would have been enough to allow me to hit this issue, but I was not able to.

This is what I tried:

  • installed a local build of Fenix, enabled the Extension process from about:config prefs, restarted Fenix and confirmed from an about:processes tab that the extension process is running
  • installed ublock origin
  • opened 3 tabs: ublock origin options page,,
  • enabled USB remote debugging in Fenix and connected to the Fenix main process from a Firefox Desktop about:debugging page
  • added a log point on the geckoview.js _updateContentModuleState() function to emit a log message including this._name to determine which module was the function being called for (the log point I used looked like the following "CANARY _updateContentModuleState", this._name)
  • then switched between the 3 tabs, the log point was logging only two of the logpoint message per tab switch (which looked like CANARY _updateContentModuleState GeckoViewSelectionAction)

But it doesn't seem I was able to hit the continuously calls to the _updateContentModuleState nor the crash.

I recall you mentioned to also not being able to hit it anymore, should we either close this bug?
or maybe reduce its priority and severity (and story points) and not tracking it anymore on the jira side for now, given that we don't seem to be able to hit it.

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