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"script.callFunction" has to fail with "no such handle" error if the handle of an object as passed as argument is unknown


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As per the WebDriver BiDi spec the handle of an object needs to be known if given. If it's not known within the given Realm, a no such handle error needs to be raised.

Right now we raise an invalid argument error instead. When fixing that we need browser chrome as well as wdspec tests.

Summary: "script.callFunction" has to fail with "no such handle" error if handle is unknown → "script.callFunction" has to fail with "no such handle" error if the handle of an object as passed as argument is unknown
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I would like to attempt this. Can you please guide me?

Sure, and thank you for your interest! In the following some information in how to get this fixed.

An example of using a handle can be found in the webdriver BiDi tests for callFunction within It basically means that a strong reference of a Javascript object gets created within the browser by some script evaluation, which then later on can be referred via callFunction.

Steps to do here would be:

  1. Create a new test within right under the test test_params_arguments_handle_invalid_type and name it test_params_arguments_handle_unknown_value. Here a string value needs to be passed as handle to callFunction that is randomly set, eg. foo.

  2. Run the given test by specifying the exact path and notice that it doesn't fail with a no such handle failure but invalid argument.

  3. Fix the problem with the deserialization in RemoteValue.sys.mjs so that the correct error is thrown. It needs to behave similar as InvalidArgumentError.

  4. Ensure to also add the new error type to the WebDriver BiDi Python client so that the test can correctly assert the expected error type.

If you have questions don't hesitate to ask, or even better join us on Matrix in the webdriver channel.

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'script.callFunction' has to fail with 'no such handle' error if the handle of an object as passed as argument is unknown. r=whimboo,webdriver-reviewers
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[webdriver-bidi] Fix broken object handle tests in browser_RemoteValue.js. r=webdriver-reviewers,jdescottes
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