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Remove usage of "marionette.log.level" from Log.sys.mjs


(Remote Protocol :: Agent, task, P3)



(firefox113 fixed)

113 Branch
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firefox113 --- fixed


(Reporter: whimboo, Assigned: imlata1111)



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Within the /remote/shared/Log.sys.mjs file we still use the marionette.log.level preference which is no longer used for quite some time.

All of its traces should be removed and code that is still using the preference needs to be updated. Here a query on searchfox:

Hey! I'm interested in solving this bug. Can you please assign me this?

Hey Henrik! I have a small doubt here. I have been going through the code and figured out that I can directly import Marionette.jsm module in /remote/shared/Log.sys.mjs and use this in place of marionette.log.level. Am I thinking in right direction? Can you help me with it, I'm little bit confused?

There is no need to import anything else. As I've mentioned in comment 0 the preference marionette.log.level is no longer used. Instead we use remote.log.level for all the different remote protocols that we support. You can find that as well in the same Log.sys.mjs file.

So the task here is basically to move any traces where marionette.log.level is used. If you have more questions feel free to also join us on Matrix in the #webdriver channel.

PS bugs aren't manually assigned, but the upload of a patch will cause an automatic assignment.

Assignee: nobody → imlata1111

Hey Henrick! As you suggested I have removed traces where marionette.log.level is used from Log.sys.mjs and after that I ran mach test remote and I got few unexpected result. By looking at those test results I got a bit confused about what causes those failure. I'm attaching the screenshot of the test result here Please help me to figure out how to fix this.

Priority: -- → P3

Hey Henrik! I have made changes in the patch and re-submitted. Could you please take a look at it when you have a chance?

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Remove usage of marionette.log.level from Log.sys.mjs. r=whimboo,webdriver-reviewers,perftest-reviewers,sparky
Closed: 6 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → 113 Branch

Lata, thanks a lot for your contribution! If you have interest to contribute more in our area please let me know here or join us in

Hey Henrik! I would be happy to contribute. Please let me if there are any open bugs that need attention, I would be happy to take a look and see if I can help. I have joined the matrix chennel.

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