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Touch often fails on firefox android, especially on 3 dot buttons and hamburger menus


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Firefox 113


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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Visit (alternatively, can be reproduced on amazon or google as well)
  2. Tap on the hamburger menu, or
  3. Search for any product and try to go back by tapping on the arrow near the website's searchbar.

Another way to replicate this touch issue without visiting any website is:

  1. visit about:config on either firefox beta or nighty.
  2. Type anything on the about config searchbar.
  3. Try to clear all by tapping on the x on the right side.
  4. The same thing happens even there.

Actual results:

On the screen recording provided, the left menu didn't show up on multiple occasion. This happens on other websites like, github, google and more as well

Expected results:

Websites/firefox should register every single tap like it does on any chromium browser. This is severely ruining the browsing experience for users given how it is not a one off thing and happens not only on websites but even firefox's own elements like about:config and 3 dot button.

For size reasons, screen recording couldn't be shared directly and the video link hid behind a txt file, so here's the direct video link displaying the issue on a website: and here's a link displaying the issue on about:config:

Attachment #9325766 - Attachment mime type: video/mp4 → application/octet-stream

a comparison of touch sensitive area of chrome and Firefox:

The touch sensitive area for firefox seems to be skewed towards right side maybe. As you can see that on Firefox, taps on top left had no response while taps barely touching bottom right of the menu got perfect response.

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