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Copypasting large text/html targetdata fails in Composer


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I am creating a Clipboard Management tool for GNOME. It is called GNOME
Clipboard Manager aka gcm ( While all other applications, like
Evolution Composer when HTML formatting is on and, seem to work
with my manager; Mozilla composer only works when the text/html target is rather
small. The mozilla browser gives the text/html target perfectly; so that is not
the problem .. it is the composer who does not want to parse or receive the
text/html data when this target is large and comes from a non-Mozilla Window.

So.. what works :

Copy in Mozilla browser
-> My manager will automaticly fetch ALL targets and store them at this point 
-> My manager has claimer selectionownership for ALL those targets
-> My manager is ready to give the text/html target and does this perfectly
Paste in
Paste the text/html target in Evolution Composer

What does not work
Paste in Mozilla Composer

That does work :
Turn off my manager
Copy in Mozilla browser
Paste in Mozilla composer

I guess that Mozilla browser and Composer do some internal communication when
the text/html target is to large. It should not if that is the case imho. That
way external applications cannot feed the composer text/html data. Examples are and the Evolution E-mail Composer.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
0. Start my Clipboard Manager which automaticly fetches all targets of a new
selection, stores them and automaticly claims ownership on those fetched
targets. The manager really is ready to deliver it's data (like the text/html
target) - this has been tested very well
1. Copy in Mozilla
2. (my manager does it's stuff here)
3. Paste in Composer

Actual Results:  
Composer waits a few seconds; and then just stops (it does not hang or crash, it
just does not paste the text/html data. WHILE other applications; like Evolution
composer and DO paste the data ALSO when it is coming from my

Note that small pieces of text/html data DOES work in Mozilla Composer too. It
is only when the selected text in Mozilla is rather large!

Expected Results:  
It should paste the data ! :-) nomather how big it is and from which
application/Window it comes.

Feel free to checkout for the project (the manager)
if you want to test with my clipboard manager. I am pretty sure, however, that
you can simulate this by writing a small application that claims ownership over
a selection that contains a large text/html target... and then try pasting that
data in Mozilla Composer
Btw. For testing I dod the following too :

Copy a large piece of html-formated text in mozilla. Pasted it to Evolution
Composer. Then I selected all text in Evolution Composer and then coptied that
selected text.
Then I opened the Mozilla Composer and I tried pasting : this failed.

Then I started my manager, copied the large text from Evolution Composer; my
manager fetched all the targets; I closed the Composer window and started
writing a new mail; set the formatting to HTML and then pasted in Evolution
Composer (so now my manager is the source) : this did worked perfectly.

Same happens with and large text/html targets. Mozilla Composer
just refuses to accept larger text/html targets .. other applications take the
data and work.

So I can reproduce this problem without using my clipboard manager... for
example between Evolution Composer and Mozilla Composer I can make Mozilla
Composer fail pasting the contents.
I think the limit is at 4000 bytes. Resolving as dup of bug 56219.

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