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Submenu closes when I navigate to it


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When I move my mouse into an open submenu and land on a new submenu the
currently open submenu closes. This does not occur if I land on a bookmark item.
I know that I land on the item because I can see it highlight for a short while
before disappearing. Furthermore, this does not happen *always*, often it works
the first few times, then breaks.

The problem does not occur if the subitem is the first one in the submenu,
because I then move my mouse horizontally. To navigate properly to submenus I'm
therefore forced to move my mouse horizontally then vertically, rather than
diagonally and directly to the subitem.

This problem does not occur in Mozilla (1.0.1).

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
WFM Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.3a) Gecko/20021201 Phoenix/0.4
I was tempted to say WFM, but I think I've found a reproducible case.

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.3a) Gecko/20021126 Phoenix/0.4

Look at

If I have the "Imported IE Favorites" folder open, then move down to "Java
Downloads" and then quickly over to "Links" the "Imported IE Favorites" menu

Steps to reproduce:
1) Click on the "Bookmarks" menu
2) Select a bookmark folder to display the contents in a submenu (folder must
have another folder inside it)
3) Move your mouse down then right to the folder in the submenu

Expected result:
Folder in submenu should be highlighted.

Actual result:
Submenu closes.

It appears to happen only when the selected item in the submenu is a folder.  Is
this Phoenix-specific?  I don't have Mozilla here to test.
> It appears to happen only when the selected item in the submenu is a folder.

The above is crucial for the reprodtion of the bug.
If you pass over any item (folder or bookmark) while moving (diagonally) to the
submeny, and end ONLY pass over folders IN the submeny, the submeny will close.

Very obvious if you create a subfolder filled with only subfolders.

Definitly a bug.

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Win98; en-US; rv:1.3a) Gecko/20021128 Phoenix/0.4
Confirming bug with Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.3a)
Gecko/20021204 Phoenix/0.4
Ever confirmed: true
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letting in the phoenix component for now. Though it's not phoenix specific.
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Still exists in 0.6.1rc1, #2's comment is a good test case.

(Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.5a) Gecko/20030725 Mozilla
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I have been annoyed by this for some time.

IMHO the problem is that the top of the submenu is vertically aligned with the
top of the parent entry. If you move the mouse slightly up when selecting the
submenu disappears - this seems to happen to me quite often and is really

Safari has solved the problem by allowing a small (3/4 pixel?) 'margin' above
the top of the submenu to allow for navigation innacuracy.

Please fix this, apart from being annoying, it discriminates against those with
less than perfect motor control.
I'm sorry, this is not at all obvious here. What are the specific steps to
reproduce? Please explain, from an empty bookmarks file, what bookmarks or
folders I need to create and how to nest them, then specifically how to move the
mouse to trigger this. Thanks.
I re-created the bug in Linux (Gentoo) and Windows XP.  It's more obvious in the
Linux version because the Bookmarks disappear quicker.

1. Go to Bookmarks
2. Scroll to a folder in Bookmarks (let's say "News")
3. If I do not move right quick enough to highlight a link or a sub-folder, the
Bookmark disappears.  It also occurs during the "moving to the right" procedure
when the cursor moves off from the "News" bookmark line, either moving slightly
up or down, the Bookmark disappears.
4. Same thing occurs if you are going to a sub-folder within a folder.  It
mostly has to do with moving the mouse cursor up or down slighly while going
right/left to a link/folder.

i only have this problem when using Compact Menu extensions tool bar button
[the phish and the text button]
I have encountered this problem in Mozilla Firefox 1.0 ... I thought I'd
describe the steps I use to reproduce this bug. It's really irritating me:

First, you must have the following available in the Bookmarks:

a) A submenu "A" under Bookmarks, within it at least one submenu "C" and one
bookmark "D".
b) Another submenu "B" under Bookmarks, that sits after the submenu "A" in the list.

Sometimes it helps to make more submenu b's and more submenus inside of submenu
a, just for manual dexterity reasons.

1) Click on "Bookmarks" menu. The main menu will open.
2) Hover over submenu "A" until it displays to the right.
3) Move the mouse down over submenu "B" and then right to submenu "C". You must
do this at a reasonable speed, or else submenu "A" will close by design.
However, even if you do this at a good speed, submenu "A" disappears. This, I
believe, is the bug.
4) Reset the experiment by hovering over the menu entry "Bookmarks".
5) Hover over submenu "A" until it displays to the right.
6) Move the mouse down over submenu "B" and then right to bookmark "D". Again,
you must do this at a reasonable speed or else submenu "A" will close by design.
In this case, submenu "A" does not disappear as it does in Step #3.

Hope this helps. I've tested this in Internet Explorer, and it doesn't have this
This bug was reported against the mozilla suite back in 2001:

It would be really nice to see this fixed, it makes submenus much harder to use
than necessary.
I've read the comments, and I've realized how to reproduce the bug always.
There's  Bookmarks / submenu "A". 
Now, if you first do a plain horizontal movement quickly to the right, and click
on another submenu "B", it works good. The emphasis is on _first plain horizontal_.
However, if you're lazy, you take a shortcut - instead of first horizontally
moving the mouse, you take a shortcut, and go diagonally, move the mouse to the
bottom right. The submenu appears for a moment, but goes away right away.
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