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Inbox hides all read messages in spite of no quick filter applied


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Thunderbird 115


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Weird! Somehow got into a state where read messages are hidden, but no quick filters applied. I don't have steps, but here's some potential factors.

  • Seen on Daily 115.0a1 (2023-05-09) (64-bit), Win10, with vertical layout.
  • Seen on a gmx IMAP account, I had just removed the saved password for testing bug 1831756, restarted TB, and canceled the password request, i.e. did not provide a password for polling messages.
  • In prior testing for bug 1832050, I had done "Open message in conversation" for a cross-folder thread (one inbox, one sent), and it confusingly duplicated them, showing 4 messages in the conversation tab, two inbox, two sent (of which one each was unread and the other one read). Due to bug Bug 1830936 where we don't select the original message in conversation, you can still see the empty tab header in the screenshot.
  • The single message shown in the screenshot is one of the threaded test messages which was in the faulty conversation tab. Maybe the tab was still open from that session after restarting Daily.

Actual result

  • 132 read messages not shown, but no quick filters applied
  • Clicking read quick filter on/off continues to display the single unread message.
  • Clicking attachments quick filter correctly shows 29 read messages with attachments.
  • Some errors in error console seem unrelated, e.g. dev tools.


  • Correct UI state - if there's no quick filter, all unread messages must be displayed.

Issue persists after restart on Daily 115.0a1 (2023-05-09) (64-bit), Win10. New incoming unread messages are showing up in addition to the one which was there. Looks like unread filter is active, but not shown in UI, and can't be removed. Other quick filters work as expected.

Does this exist in beta?

If not then we might lower the priority, as way few users would be affected on nightly.

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View > Threads > All?

(In reply to Geoff Lankow (:darktrojan) from comment #3)

View > Threads > All?

Oops! Good catch, thank you.

So there's a simple explanation for the symptom of hidden read messages:
Apparently from some other testing, I still had View > Threads > Threads with unread enabled as a view filter, but wasn't aware of that. Applying View > Threads > All made all the read messages return.

That said, and to my excuse, there's nothing in the entire primary UI which indicates the active presence of that filter, except the checkmark deeply buried in the menu - certainly no good ux-userfeedback here.

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