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After deleting all mails i have two ghostlines ....


(Thunderbird :: Mail Window Front End, defect)

Thunderbird 114


(thunderbird_esr102 unaffected, thunderbird114 affected)

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thunderbird_esr102 --- unaffected
thunderbird114 --- affected


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Steps to reproduce:

After deleting all mails in a folder at once i get two ghostlines ... (see attached image)

Actual results:

After deleting all mails in a folder at once i get two clickable ghostlines ... (see attached image)

Expected results:

It should be an empty folder.

What is your full version number?

Blocks: sn-msglist
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Keywords: dupeme, regression
Whiteboard: [Supernova3p]

114.0b4 ... had this problem also since some versions before

Flags: needinfo?(donauinsel)

I cannot confirm on TB115.b2 (Windows 11). Maybe the issue arises the msf file is corrupted. Could you try to repair the Trash folder (via context-menu on the trash folder, then Properties--> Repair folder)

I can confirm this on 115.0.1 (64-bit) on Windows 11. When I select all emails in an IMAP folder and press shift-delete, sometimes one or two of these "ghost lines" appear. I've never seen more than two.

I have tried repairing the folders, this made no difference.

(In reply to Thomas Brunnthaler from comment #2)

114.0b4 ... had this problem also since some versions before

Thomas do you still see this issue?
If not then it likely was resolved by bug 1835173

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Whiteboard: [Supernova3p] → [closeme 2023-08-05][Supernova3p]

I can confirm this problem has gone away for me in 151.1.1.

Steven, Thanks for the update

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