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Improve the elastic resizing of the tree view columns


(Thunderbird :: Folder and Message Lists, enhancement, P3)

Thunderbird 115


(thunderbird_esr102 unaffected, thunderbird_esr115 wontfix)

Tracking Status
thunderbird_esr102 --- unaffected
thunderbird_esr115 --- wontfix


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(Whiteboard: [Supernova3p])

When resizing the tree view columns a fixed width value is set:

This works okay as it doesn't allow to resize columns outside the limits of the table layout, but unfortunately it doesn't work as well as 102 used to.

The old XUL tree had a more "elastic" behavior in which a flex value was set on the columns in order to let them grow or shrink based on the size of the viewport or the application.
That allowed a more natural proportional sizing of the columns.

It would be nice to emulate that behavior and improve the experience of our tree view columns.

Version: unspecified → Thunderbird 115

This is something that we will explore during this cycle to improve the general usability of the tree view, but it something that requires more thinking and prototyping so for now we're going to put it in the backlog.

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Priority: -- → P3
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Duplicate of this bug: 1850677
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