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./mach try perf doesn't seem to always trigger builds for the base build


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I frequently when doing a series of ./mach try perf runs have to go and manually trigger/retrigger tests on the base build (perhaps because I've changed which tests I'm triggering?)

:jesup, can you try rebasing your code and see if it still happens? I thought I had resolved this issue here, but maybe not: bug 1831603

We cache the base commit for 2 weeks, and before that patch landed it wasn't considering the tasks you selected but now it does. Note that it still won't handle retriggers that you request on it, but you can do that through the compare view (there's a column for it on the right-hand side).

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I'll see if I can repro this again

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:jesup, can you provide the full log of one of these mach try perf runs? I'm wondering if it produced a compare view link, and what base revision it selected.

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It happened to me too, but only when I change the after commit and I don't rebase (basically, it won't push again an identical push with the previous one).

:jesup, is this bug still an issue for you? If so, could you provide some logs the next time you hit it (see comment #4).

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If this happens again, I'll re-report with more info

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