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When upgrading Mozilla, my plugins disappear


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When I upgrade my Mozilla, all my plugins disappear and I have to reload them.  

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Install a version of Mozilla and load some plugins (like the Java 2 plugin)
2.Upgrade Mozilla
3.If you try to access a web page with a Java applet, you will see the missing
plugin graphic

Actual Results:  
My plugins disappeared.

Expected Results:  
When I upgrade, my plugins should be preservered, same as any other
customization (such as bookmarks and preferences).
How are you installing?  tarball, sea, rpm?
Reporter, If i'm not mistaken i think your issue is this: 
The Linux installer tells you it has found a folder with existing Mozilla
installation and asks you if it's ok to delete this folder. This means that if
this folder contains your plugins they will also be lost. 

Before you install a new Mozilla build, copy the plugin folder from your current
build to /home/YOURUSERNAME/.mozilla/plugins 

Mozilla will also look for plugins in this folder so you wouldn't have to
reinstall each time.

(i think there's a dupe on this somewhere as well)
Reporter: are you deleting directories or something before you perform the new
install? Or are you installing in a separate location each time? Or are you
overwriting existing installs?
The installer doesn't touch the home directory, but the old default plugin dir
was  under the install dir, so some still install plugins there. To avoid
deletion use the ~/.mozilla/plugins dir of course.

Resolving as dup of bug 69153 (by way of dup bug 160708)

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 69153 ***
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