LDAPDN.explodeDN() doesn't split RDNs separated by ';' (semicolons)

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(Reporter: Sebastien Guillemin, Assigned: Erhyuan Tsai)


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The LDAPDN.explodeDN() method doesn't split RDNs separated by ';' (semicolons).
RFC1485 specifies that "Semicolon (";") may be used as an alternate separator".
(even if it is not encouraged)

The source-code seems to confirm that, currently, only ',' (comas) are used to
explode the DN.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. myDN is a string that contains a DN using ';' as an RDN separator
2. LDAPDN.explodeDN(myDN)

Actual Results:  
the whole DN (unexploded)

Expected Results:  
exploded RDNs array

In the java source file netscape/ldap/util/DN.java, in the DN(String)
constructor, the condition :

if (buffer.charAt(i) == ',')

should, unless I'm mistaken, be replaced with something like :

if ((buffer.charAt(i) == ',') || (buffer.charAt(i) == ';'))

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15 years ago
This does sound like a bug. Reassigned to Miodrag.
Assignee: mcs → miodrag

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15 years ago
Spam for bug 129472
QA Contact: nobody → nobody

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14 years ago
Reassign LDAP JDK bugs owned by Miodrag (miodrag@formerly-netscape.com.tld) to
E-Y (erhyuan@pacbell.net)
Assignee: miodrag → erhyuan
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