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[PP]Win & Linux, Unable to cancel a news message



MailNews: Message Display
18 years ago
13 years ago


(Reporter: Ninoschka Baca, Assigned: hangas)



Windows NT

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18 years ago
Build 1999110908M11: Win32/NT4, Linux/Redhat 6.0

Overview: Unable to delete a news message.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Launch Mail
2. Select a newsgroup (i.e. netscape.test)
3. Select the "New Msg" button to create a new message, address it to the
netscape.test newsgroup and send.
4. Retrieve new messages from the news server
5. Select the message you just created (message1)
6. Select Edit and look for the "Delete Message" option

Actual Results: The closes choice states "Delete". After selecting the "Delete"
option nothing happens to the message. I selected another message and selected
the original message (message1) and it just displays the contents of the
message. I exited and restarted the application and the message is still there.

Expected Results:
1. With a news message selected I expect to see the Edit|Delete Message option.
2. After selecting the "Delete Message" option I would expect the contents of
the article to change to say something similar to "The article has expired".

Additional Information:
- The Mac builds from 11/8 and 11/9 both have the Delete Message option and
perform correctly.
- I tried a Mozilla build on Windows and it also only shows a "Delete" option
when it should state "Delete Message".


18 years ago
Assignee: phil → hangas
Summary: [PP]Win & Linux, Unable to delete a news message → [PP]Win & Linux, Unable to cancel a news message

Comment 1

18 years ago
> 2. After selecting the "Delete Message" option I would expect the contents of
> the article to change to say something similar to "The article has expired".

Actually, the expected result here is that we remove the cancelled message from
the thread pane as soon as the news server successfully cancels it. The message
header shouldn't hang around in the database to get the "article has expired"
message later on.

I'm guessing this has to do with Paul's command dispatching stuff, but cc'ing
Seth just in case.

Comment 2

18 years ago
The part about removing the article from the thread pane is logged in bug #8126.


18 years ago
Target Milestone: M12

Comment 3

18 years ago
As Phil suggests, this is a another case of focus/command dispatching.  The focus
is being changed to the menu when clicking on it, therefore the command
dispatching code thinks that there is nothing to delete.  Saari has a focus fix
that he hopes to checkin soon.  We will see if that fixes this.

Comment 4

18 years ago
Note: bug 17947 is for the menu item Delete not working for both Mail and news
messages on Win and linux only.  When this is fixed will it fix that bug too? I
just reopened it.

Comment 5

18 years ago
Mass move to M13.


18 years ago
Target Milestone: M13 → M14

Comment 6

18 years ago
Moving to M14.


18 years ago
QA Contact: lchiang → laurel


18 years ago
Keywords: pp

Comment 7

18 years ago
Please retest this.  Delete is working fine and I expect cancel to function even 
though the menu item does not say Cancel.

Comment 8

18 years ago
Bumping to M15
Target Milestone: M14 → M15

Comment 9

18 years ago
Edit|Delete message works to cancel message from focus in either thread pane or
message pane.

Works fine for me using:
2000-02-16-08m14 mozilla build on linux rh6.0 
2000-02-16-08m14 mozilla build on NT 4.0
Last Resolved: 18 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME

Comment 10

18 years ago
Marking verified (worksforme)
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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