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Display of BMPString (UTF-8) encoded fields of certificate is bad


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When you try to display Details of certificate which has some fields with
non-ascii characters (encoded as BMPString). The display is wrong as it was
encoded with iso8859-1 encoding.

See attached screenshot.
Version: unspecified → 2.4
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Assignee: ssaux → jgmyers
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Proposed fix

I'm probably not the best person to give reviews on PSM. Kai Engert would be
the best person.
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Proposed fix

sr=sspitzer, but can we also get kai to review?
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Proposed fix

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Fix checked in.
Closed: 20 years ago
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When I try to verify this bug, I still find one problem left, John.

After import of the certificate, everything's correct except for the copy of the
name of the certificate inside the title bar of the "Certificate Viewer"
windows, which incorrectly reads "Certificate Viewer:LudÄ_k RaÄiek" instead of
the proper czech characters.

As the original content of the cert CN is BMP, it has somewhere been correctly
converted to utf-8, but that string is later somewhere wrongly interpreted as
ISO-8859-1 before display.

Shall we reopen, or treat this in a separate bug ?

Just like bug 197009, it would be good to get this inside NSS 3.9.1, and then in

I think this is even more important than bug 197009, because it seems to concern
all certs that have utf-8/BMP content, and by application of RFC3280, CA are
required to switch to the use of UTF-8 for certificates issued after 31/12/2003,
 and this is respected by some people.
I would treat as a separate bug.
I tried to import the bug into FireFox 0.8 and the problem is still present.
the certificate titlebar viewing issue is bug 234856
Product: PSM → Core
Version: psm2.4 → 1.0 Branch
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
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