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Index ECMA 402 spec in searchfox


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:hsivonen requested indexing in and this is something I can do as part of the hyperblame impl. Currently, spec-wise, we have WHATWG HTML and ECMA 262 (JS/ECMAScript) in config4 but I think it could make sense to move those into config1 at the same time because:

  1. There is some potential to do some clever stuff relating m-c to the specs or vice versa, and it would be an order of magnitude easier to accomplish this in a way that doesn't break if they're all on the same indexer.
  2. config4 currently has more data than can fit in the web-server cache, and the indexing time is at the limit of what we want. The specs aren't actually that heavy-weight in either regard, so this won't have a major impact on either server, but it's notable and does represent a minor change in interpretation of policy in terms of config1 largely being our tier1-ish repositories. (comm-central is not tier1 but having it be coherent with mozilla-central probably saves the sanity of those who are looking at c-c when they are making changes to m-c, which is a meaningful use case).
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