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Fonts, layout, and JavaScript bugs


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Windows NT





(Reporter: metrol, Assigned: vidur)




Not sure if these issues have been addressed yet, so my apologies for
re-posting old items.  Been working on a new web design for my company's site,
and all the while testing it with Mozilla.  There's a number of problems that
show up using the Mozilla browser that don't show up in either IE 4, 5, Netscape
4.5 or better.

  On the page listed 4 columns should be showing up, and based on last nights
build I'm only getting 3 columns visible.  The two product images at the top of
the page should be centered, and they're not.
  More interstingly, there still appears to be a weird problem with JavaScript
with my mouseover script for the nav bar on the left.  Running the mouse over
these slowly and everything works fine.  Run the mouse over the graphic quickly
a number of times, particuarly with the mouse moving outside the browser window,
and the image sticks to the down position.
  Moving along to other pages, check out...

  The navigation text on the left should all be in an Arial font with a size of
1.  Apparently the paragraph tag is breaking the font tag up.  I've also seen
this problem with other sites browsing with Mozilla.
  As of this latest nightly build, the table making up the nav bar on top has
forced all my graphics off the screen except for one, the "Home" link.  This
looks to be a new bug and is probably a symptom of something in work.
  Also on this page there is a problem with the second horizontal bar I've got
below the text.  That little graphical triangle should be justified all the way
to the right.  This has been a problem for quite a while now.
  Drilling down further into the site to a product page more errors or

  The nav bar at top is now completely pushed out to the right out of view.
There should be a table cell with a red gradient as a background at the top,
which will show up intermittently upon a couple of reloads.  The pricing table
at the bottom of the page sometimes only loads up half way, other times just
fine.  The mouseover graphics here are having that same sticking problem as all
my other pages.

  As I stated at the beginning of this, all these pages are working 100% on
Version 4.0 or better browsers on both NT and Linux.  I haven't tested to see if
Mozilla is having a problem on Linux as of yet.  I really hope this bug report
helps you guys out.

Michael Collette
Assignee: rickg → vidur
The font bugs are already known; Vidur -- please examine the js bugs.
In an attempt to get my bug list in order again, marking all the bugs I have
currently as ASSIGNED.
Per the E-Mail request for simplifying this bug a bit, here we go.

The pages in question are now hosted at

The layout issues are mostly fixed.  Still a line showing up in the Nav bar at
the top of the product pages, but very minor.  Looks like cell spacing doesn't
always stay at 0.

The JavaScript back issue is documented in Bug #21373, and is still open.

The font issues are still there, but I've fixed my scripts to assign a font tag
for each line now for proper display in Mozilla.  Since this is apparently a
dupe, not an issue for this bug.

My apologies for throwing too darn much into one bug report.  If you'd like to
close this one out and have me re-issue seperate reports on the individual items
please let me know.
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Arghh...I wish RickG had provided a bug number along with the comment stating
that the font issues were "known". It's a bit unclear to me whether there are
any remaining JavaScript/DOM issues beyond the one addressed in bug 21373. I'm
going to close this bug out and ask that you open individual ones for the
remaining issues (thanks for offering!). Only JS/DOM ones should come to me.
Thanks again!
Marking verified invalid per last comments.
SPAM. HTML Element component deprecated, changing component to Layout. See bug
88132 for details.
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