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(Reporter: momoi, Assigned: gerv)


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16 years ago
By request of Nikolai Prokoschenko who is the current default owner of
Tech Evangelism: Europe: East, we request that the default owner be
changed to: Nikolai Prokoschenko <>.

His current e-mail address: <> is no longer usable accorfding to

Nikolai, your new e-mail is not registered in Bugzilla. Can you create an
account under the new e-mail address and then report it in this bug?

Whoever owns this component then can change the default owner
Hello, I'm Nikolai, but from another address.

Following problem: After I've sent the email to Katsuhiko, I tried to do the
change myself - I already had opened an account for So
I changed the e-mail for that account to and tried to
change the email address for to

Unfortunately, it didn't work. I can't login as, because
according to Bugzilla such account doesn't exists, yet I cannot create a new
one, because, once again according to Bugzilla, an account with this email
address already exists. What do I do now? Ideally, I'd like my account to be removed and to be
renamed to Thank you.
if the old address is dead, it would have been much preferable to change the
existing account to use the new address, which we now can't do since there's
been a new account created with that address.  Probably what should happen is
the new account get renamed to or something like that,
then change the email address on the existing account.

This is Gerv's territory I believe.
Assignee: ian → gerv
What a mess.

I've renamed to The password for this
account is unchanged.

I've disabled Note that this does not affect bugmail
sent to that account.

Kat: please note that, if someone wants their email account changed, creating a
new account under the new name is not the right thing to advise :-) The correct
procedure is simply for the person to use the normal mechanism to change the
email address associated with their account; their status as default owner of
things will not be changed by this move.

Last Resolved: 16 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

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16 years ago
Gerv, thanks for untangling the mess. 
Thanks also from my side. Thank you, Gerv!

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16 years ago
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