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"Never for this site / this language" options should dismiss the translations panel


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If I'm changing per-site or per-language translation to never be offered, it's a bit weird that the popup for that site in that language doesn't immediately go away. I assume this is a bug of some kind... but for users who find the feature annoying / where it gets in their way, it's definitely an additional point of frustration when after finding the entry in the cog menu (which is already not super obvious as a place to look for 'turn this off') for it to never show up, it then seems like that "doesn't work" because the panel stays open.

It seems reasonable to me to hide the popup after clicking in the menu items. I know Erik had some thoughts in this space. Should we hide the menu on any menu click, or just some of them? I don't think this is a defect, since I believe this was a deliberate decision. I'll let :nordzilla weigh in here.

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I think we should do this, and I think it would also be a good first bug. I'm going to do a good-first-bug writeup for this today.

This would be a good first bug.

A contributor will likely have to add a new page action called CLOSE_PANEL and adapt the page actions to do this only in the case where never-translate-language and never-translate-site are enabled (not disabled)

This may break some existing tests which need to be fixed. A contributor should probably add a new telemetry test to ensure that the panel is closed when expected, if they feel that coverage was not sufficient by fixing any broken tests.

Flags: needinfo?(enordin)
Mentor: enordin, gtatum
Keywords: good-first-bug

Hi please can i be assigned this bug ?

Hello @Erik Nordin, I hope you are well.
In the code file, the translate-language and the never-translate site compute state basing on binary computations e.g, #computeState(1, 1, 0, 0):
Please help me understand the computations (how they work) in correspondence with a Page Action so that I can determine the correct sequence for when the functions (check boxes) are enabled.
Thank you.

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Duplicate of this bug: 1846975
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Ensure the Translations panel closes when a user chooses to never translate. r=nordzilla,translations-reviewers
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