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alternative to bcc: forward after send



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15 years ago
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alternative to bcc:  forward after send

I was thinking that an alternative to bcc would be auto forward of sent message.

To: X
Cc: Y
Auto-Forward: Z

This would send the message to X and Y (the auto-forward header would not be in
the email), and then we'd forward a copy of the message to Z.

not sure if this is a good idea or not yet.

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15 years ago
To expand on the idea, or twist in a different direction:

I use an anti-spam address to reply to Usenet posts. Often I want to CC or BCC
the person to whom the reply is directed. In the CC/BCC, I'd rather have a good
email address, rather than forcing the recipient to try to decode it from my
.sig. Your idea to forward after send might be able to accomodate this.
futuring.  we'll think about this stuff later.

right now we're in polish, bug fixing mode.
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9 years ago
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