Open Bug 1858188 (puppeteer-firefox-bidi) Opened 9 months ago Updated 14 days ago

[meta] Support puppeteer using Firefox with WebDriver BiDi


(Remote Protocol :: WebDriver BiDi, task)



(Not tracked)


(Reporter: jdescottes, Unassigned)


(Blocks 3 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta)

This meta should be blocked on all the known bugs which need to addressed to allow Puppeteer to officially use Firefox with BiDi instead of CDP.

Alias: puppeteer-firefox-bidi
Depends on: 1852941
Depends on: 1841049
Depends on: 1694390
Depends on: 1824220
No longer depends on: 1860992

I just noticed that Puppeteer still sets preferences that are only applicable for the CDP protocol and turns off certain features like bfcache in parent and webisolationstrategy. I filed to get this fixed.

Depends on: 1867810
Depends on: 1869735

I've just added two more PRs which will enable Puppeteer tests with WebDriver BiDi for both Windows and MacOS in the Puppeteer's GitHub actions.

Depends on: 1879580
Depends on: 1879402
Depends on: 1884647
Depends on: 1898222

Updating dependencies based on the remaining required P2 bugs to get fixed.

No longer depends on: 1805479
Depends on: 1903060
No longer depends on: 1899604
No longer depends on: 1879438
No longer depends on: 1878166
No longer depends on: 1898158
No longer depends on: 1879402
No longer depends on: 1903060
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