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printing prettyprinted page only prints first page


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When printing a prettyprinted page only the first page is printed. This is
probably due to the fact that the prettyprint content is inside an

<div style="top: 0; bottom: 0; left: 0; right: 0;">

This might be fixable by having an "@media print" rule that does some cool
I have also seen this problem while looking at XML schemas, which are themselves
XML documents.
An entire XML that has no stylesheet is displayed nicely as a color enhanced
document tree.  However an attempt to print only gets the first page, and print
preview always says Page 1 of 1.  Selecting File, Print, Print Range, All, or
even File, Print, Print Range, Pages, From 1 to (say) 10, does not help.  It
still only prints the first page.
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This change makes printing work.

Jonas, why is the style rule like that for #top, it seems weird to me?
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Possible fix

You should be able to remove that thing entierly. I wanted to protect against
styling on the root element, but that's silly considering that if there is any
styling we won't prettyprint in the first place.
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removed #top rule, seems to work equally well

r=sicking. Thanks for doing this!
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Checked in.
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This was fixed.
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