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Extend and update SERP telemetry configuration for mobile


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Splitting this out from the first part of bug 1860531, since that needs to be uplifted.

+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1860531 +++

In bug 1834842, the android client is currently adding remote settings support for their SERP telemetry. We want them to use the same configuration as desktop, but there are some differences that we'll need to extend the current SERP telemetry collection with a new field.

The new field should be called queryParamNames and is an array of strings. The values of this will duplicate queryParamName, but be added to so that we can support mobile, which needs different parameter names for Baidu.

Older desktop clients will continue to use queryParamName, however new desktop clients and the mobile clients will use queryParamNames.

We'll also need to make sure that the rest of the current configuration also works for mobile.

Moving across from bug 1860531

The remote settings changes are now approved on stage. Please can QA test this?

For testing:

  • Existing builds should be unaffected by the changes wrt to SERP telemetry for most engines that we record, except for Baidu.
  • Builds with the full set of patches, should also be unchanged for all engines except Baidu.
    • These try builds have the full set of patches. We'll land the other patch once the changes are on production.
    • Baidu will now also record for urls such as (note: change of parameter name).
  • Google has been updated to adjust the ad server regular expressions. For desktop, this should not cause a change in the recording of ads on pages.
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Tested the new changes to Baidu SERP telemetry from staging for both existing builds and the provided try builds. The full testing coverage can be viewed here.

Also per Marks instructions we also ran a small smoke check for Google ad recordings in telemetry. Results for the testing coverage can be viewed here.

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The remote settings changes are on production as of about 11:49 UTC today.

Leaving open to land the additional desktop changes once the production has been synced to the repository.

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Use the new queryParamNames SERP telemetry parameter by default. r=search-reviewers,jteow


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Use the new queryParamNames SERP telemetry parameter by default. r=search-reviewers,jteow
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